And We Danced

"And We Danced"

Member Artists

Bickey Bender

Watercolor, acrylics, mixed media, handmade paper

Barry Bratt

Clay, pewter, paper mache',acrylic paint

Eve Dilores


Cynthia Hubbard

mixed media, pastel & acrylic paints, ceramics

Nikki Miles

Pastel Paintings

Raina Napolitano

Watercolor, Acrylics, pen & pencil, Fiber clay sculpture, mixed medium

Sharon Rothzeid

Ceramic, Monoprints, Oilpaint, Jewelry,Photography

Garry Sanden

Mixed Media, Acrylic, Pottery, Pastel, Alcohol Ink, Liquid Oils

Sheryl Sauer

acrylic, mixed medium, watercolor

Elisa Schaum

Fused Glass

Susan Sciortino


Jerry Wegenast


Judy Wegenast

Pastel and Oil

Chuck Weygand

Wooden Bowl Creations

And We Danced

"And We Danced"

Garry Sanden

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