About the Artist:

I began working with fused glass six years ago after taking a Community Education class. I fell in love with how glass forms when melted in a kiln. Since then, I built my own studio at our year round home in Osage, MN. I currently live and work in the Twin Cities where my financial planning practice is and travel back and forth on the weekends to our other home in Osage MN where my studio is nestled in the quiet woods of the Smokey Hills. I continue to study on my own through books and technical publications in addition to taking classes when I can around my professional career. I am continuously looking for opportunities to learn new expressions and techniques to further my own development and knowledge. I have such a passion for creating exquisite, functional pieces of fused glass and to share what glass can become when I design depths of colored glass to create a beautiful piece. My focus is to design a piece that when light reflects on it, it becomes breathtaking. All of my work is one of a kind. I can do custom orders upon request, although prices may increase based on special ordered materials.