How Blank Canvas Gallery Works

Download a PDF of "How BCG Works"

Blank Canvas Gallery is a web marketing service enhancing connectivity between Artist and Collector.


There are two primary functions available.

Member Artist

The Members Gallery replaces the physical retail galleries. With a BCG web hosted gallery, the artist work is always on display and the artist avoids the gallery commission.  Patrons can research, evaluate, and collect from anywhere.
Services include:

Exhibit Artist

The Exhibit replaces the traveling shows where you “haul your art to the show” or “haul your tent  to the park”. Each Exhibit is active for a minimum of one month and is organized around an art club or special theme. Exhibits can be entered by anyone from anywhere.
Each artist provides:

BCG admin:

Since Member Galleries are always active, Viewers will browse the Current Exhibit and the Member Galleries concurrently. Member Artists may also choose to enter an Exhibit. 



Member Artists

Exhibit Artists

Artists are always in charge of sales and fulfillment.

Gallery Administration

“Having tried the usual web site creation and maintenance, Judy and Jerry Wegenast speak from personal experience.  Their individual web site disappeared some time ago.  That old effort was costly. Updates required more technical expertise, were time consuming, and tended to be neglected because it was a burden rather than a benefit.  As outlined above, Blank Canvas Gallery provides more functionality than similar web sites.”