How Blank Canvas Gallery Works

Download a PDF of "How BCG Works"

Blank Canvas Gallery is an online marketing tool for individual artists designed to fill the gap between studio and customer. Each artist can easily maintain an online portfolio and gallery.



Provide an individual web hosting, gallery service, and related services to individual artists without programming or web design from the artist.


Artist Web Site “Home Page”

Each artist receives an individual “Home Page” which includes the Artist Name and contact information in the Header. This feature submits the Artist’s Name directly to search engines, and once indexed by each search engine, the artist will achieve first page listing on the search results.


Each artist maintains their own Portfolio (Artist Statement, Resume, Event Schedule, Services Offered, and Photos) using the BCG forms provided.
The BCG forms allow significant latitude in the presentation of the Artist’s information.


There is no programming or web site design required from the artist.


Artist Inventory

Each artist can upload unlimited items for their gallery inventory.

Display of inventory items can be turned on and off to facilitate a rotating display.

Items sold can be tagged as sold and displayed until the artist removes or inactivates the inventory record.


Artist Enrollment

How to Start

Artist Fees

The annual online web site subscription fee is $99.00 payable in advance.


BCG does not charge a commission on sales.


Artist Inventory

Each Artist is responsible for maintaining their inventory/Gallery.

For each inventory item, capability exists for a main photo accompanied with four detail photos for alternate views of the item.

A Guide is provided to assist each artist with practices to attain the best illustration of their work. (See Photographing Art for BCG)


File specifications for images:

Saving jpg files with the pixel dimensions above (72) or slightly larger will provide for the most reliable and efficient uploads. The larger the initial file size, the longer the upload.



Each Artist is responsible for payment collection and delivery of their sales.


Social Media Integration

To facilitate the search engine ranking and promote your online gallery, we recommend each artist set up features in Facebook, Etsy, Pinterest and other services as desired.


Use these social media pages to announce new items, events, etc. always pointing those readers back to your gallery at


Going Live

As you launch your online gallery, send your patrons an announcement of your new service.

Gallery Administration

Blank Canvas Gallery Online is owned and administrated by Jerry and Judy Wegenast (see our artist portfolios). As artists, we have struggled with finding an outlet for our work. This web service is designed and managed with fellow artists in mind.


Our services include the following which are available to participating artists: