My Resume

Jerry Wegenast


I began my interest in Photography many years ago with an adult education class at the University.  Following that introduction, I began experimenting with, at the time, film cameras.  My first photography trip netted zero photos because I still did not know how to load the film in the camera properly.  


I still tend to purchase a new camera and try to learn its functions in the field.


For years, my hobby was on and off as other time demands surfaced.  Now, I spend more time, enjoy the photo trips and accumulate photos.  I even pull some into Photoshop Elements on occasion but prefer to minimize editing.


Last year, Judy encouraged me to enter my first local art show with two photographs.  One photo actually won an award!  I asked if it was too soon to purchase a trophy case?


I am in awe of those who are the true professionals while I enjoy my opportunities.