Leading the Heard

Leading the Heard

The Hitch Hiker

The Hitch Hiker

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Have you ever enjoyed observing what is happening around you? Do you sometimes remember it for a long time?

I have always enjoyed observing what is happening around me. Watching people and animals interact with each other or their environment, seeing the sun reflect off the water, enjoying the change of seasons, or the sunrise and sunset across a field.  There are always special moments that catch my attention. Many of these “just in the moment” happenings are captured in my paintings. A mother teaching her young daughters not to fear water, a mother bison snorting at her calf to tell it to follow, a father teaching his daughter to fish, or a rushing stream after a rain all are attention getting moments that I like to record.

Inspiration for a painting comes from a variety of sources.  Models in a studio setting, a landscape scene, my memories, and reference photos all assist in the production of a painting.  As I work through the compositional phase of a painting, I look hard to find the large patterns of light and dark. I do small sketches of the idea eliminating all the details and color to see how the composition fits together.  I spend time adjusting and readjusting to ensure a good compositional design of space and color

When I am pleased with the sketches, I use them as a reference and begin by drawing the main idea on canvas or paper. Color brings the idea to life.

Each time I begin the process of conveying what has attracted my attention to my viewers I feel excitement.  During the process of completing a painting, I continue to evaluate objectively the message I intend to convey.  A painting is done when the message is conveyed.

I enjoy drawing and painting. I continue to learn from mentors and classes.  New ideas and information are reflected in my paintings and it is always a challenge to maintain a certain amount of continuity to the past while incorporating the new. “Art brings much joy to my life, and I hope that you experience that joy when viewing the messages communicated in my paintings.”



My studio/gallery, A Touch of Art is located at 26822 West Oraibi Drive - Buckeye,Arizona


If you would like to see my work you can visit my studio, come to an event, or attend a special show.

I welcome visitors to my studios.

• 218-841-4297
• judy@jwinc.org