My Resume


From the age of five I have been drawing and enjoying working with different mediums in art. I became very serious with sculpting while living in Sun City Grand and produced and sold numerous pieces of ceramics while part of the Ceramic Studio there. Some of my work there is still on display in Calistoga, California. My clay work includes figures, coiled vases,lamp bases and my popular hanging faces of celebrities and unknowns. When I moved to Prescott Valley, I became very interested in trying to sculpt paper mache' onto canvas and produced numerous paintings using this method. I've done clowns, native Americans, politicians, celebrities, landscapes and abstracts using this method. I've been in several galleries in the Prescott area and have had numerous shows with the longest for three months at the Prescott Valley Library.  I'm now doing abstracts using acrylic on canvas and have been experimenting here as well. I enjoy doing a variety of different mediums as it refreshes one's artistic mind. I'm also into photography and have some of my work in restaurants in the area.  Needless to say, I'm very busy and generally do my work in my garage. So my garage is my studio. I have numerous faces hanging in the garage as well and many people stop by to see them while I'm working.  My prices are negotiable so feel free to make an offer. Canvas copies of my paintings at any size are available at a substantially lower price as well. I hope you enjoy my work as much I do creating it.  If interested in seeing everything or in the area, please feel free to contact me and we'll set up an appointment. I have well over a hundred and fifty pieces of art available in the different mediums. Barry Bratt  707-295-6078