About the Artist:

I don’t believe I chose to become an artist; I believe becoming an artist was my destiny.  There was never a time in my life that I looked at a sunset, a garden, animals, a thunderstorm, an ocean, etc., and didn’t have a sense of awe and wonderment.  Episodes of enlightenment throughout my life lead to this love affair with artistic expression. 
When I began painting, my medium was watercolor, and my portfolio included colorful interpretations of flowers, fish, doors, seascapes, landscapes, many of which were painted on location in France, Italy, Spain, Taos, Sedona and Hawaii.  Today my creations are abstract designs in acrylics and mixed media, illustrating my love of color, energy, motion, quiet, joy – positive vibrations.  In my abstract development, I experience conscious creativity – a state of openness and receptivity, where the ego is silenced.  I am the instrument through which my Creator develops the forms that appear on my surface.   When I paint, I am at peace with the Universe. .
I am available for commission work, which would entail my original concept, or existing illustration and execution with initial input from client.  In addition, I will assist with installation of my artwork at specified location and offer consultation regarding art related matters.