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Follow Me
Badlands Sunset 2
9 plate
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Christmas House
Itasca Bridge
Bronze Iredidecence Large Appeitizer plate
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Desert Landscape
White and Black Small Square Plate
8" Olive green patchwork plate
Alaska Marina
Break Time
Lady With 4 Goats
In The Neighborhood
Woodland Brown Gentle Curve Bowl
Light Lavender and White Small Square Plate
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 Sunset at Stony Lake
Badlands Draw
Scene in Gradic, Croatia
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 Mostar Bridge in Bosnia-Herzegovinia
Midas Touch
Canadian Rockies Stream
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Two Sets of Eyes
Sushi plate
Fishing Buddies
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 Flowers in Marie Antoinette's Hamlet Village
In The Shade
Cactus with Sculpture
Daisy Field
Items 1 to 32 of 57

All artwork displayed is original art created by the exhibiting artist.