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Your Source for Original Fine Art

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All art displayed by Blank Canvas Gallery is of original design and production by the artist.  Our mission is to connect art lovers with original art created by talented artists.

Buyers are connected with artists who work in wood, metal, glass, clay, stone/beads, photography, and paint media (Oil, Pastel, Watercolor, Acrylics). Original art includes hand crafted jewelry, wood turning, pottery, and fused glass.

In our online galleries you will find a variety of painting styles such as realism, abstract, impressionism, painterly, and expressionism/fauvism.¬†Artist subjects include figurative, landscape, portrait, floral, cityscape, and still life.

Blank Canvas Gallery has been selling unique original art since 2010, and we strive to have an excellent customer service record for our customers as well as participating artists.

Browse the art or the artist, select your item(s), and buy original art directly from the artist using our online gallery and shopping cart.

Blank Canvas Gallery is your premier source for fine original art, traditional art, contemporary art and abstract art.

Buy original art conveniently through our online gallery and shopping cart. Receive six months free financing through PayPal on qualifying purchases.